Litter Pricing and Info
Pictures of previous litters
Puppies are sold to pet homes only and are put automatically on limited registration as recommended by the Golden Retriever Club of America and AKC. If any pups are put on full registration it is at our discresion and there is an extra cost for a show/breeding puppy. What is the difference between full and limited registration you might ask? Well, you totally own the dog on both types of registration, the only difference is that the puppy/dog sold on limited registration cannot be shown in the confirmation ring and or be bred to have the litter registered with AKC. But the dog can still compete in obedience, agility, hunting, or be used as a service/therapy dog. All other forms of competition are open to you. Pet only puppies should be spayed/neutered to limit the amount of unwanted litters that are produced every year.
Summer's 1st Litter
Bella, Brodie, and Ranger (L to R) of Pearl's second litter
Full English Creams sired by Flash
Prices are varied from litter to litter based on Pedigree and Quality, and not on color. Our current scheduled litters will be between 1000.00 and 3000.00 USD depending on puppy. Please call for more information or see our current litters page to see specific pricing.

Please Call Leah @ (530)840-6315
To get on one of our waiting lists a deposit is
required, it is $500.00 and is not refundable unless the
dam of choice would fail to produce enough puppies,
if that were to happen your deposit will be returned,
or you can place it on another litter. However, if the
puppies in the litter are more or less expensive you
will either receive or pay the difference in price.
If there is a puppy available for you and you change your mind because of color or for any reason your deposit is null and void and will not be refunded to you. We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy, if we feel that their isn't a suitable match in a litter the deposit will be refunded in full and is totally our decision. We are not breeders that breed strictly for color, we breed for health, temperment, intelligence, and beauty, all being equal in producing a quality puppy.
Shipping is available within the United States only and we require full payment for the puppy at 6 weeks old, and your puppy will be shipped when it is 8 weeks old. This gives us plenty of time to have all the arrangements made. The price for shipping anywhere within the continental United States is $350.00 from counter to counter. If you live quite a distance away, and personal delivery is not possible then I will ship the puppy to you. I use Delta Pet First or American Airlines and now Continental as they have tempature control for pets. All three airlines are good with the puppies and they arrive safe and sound. This is a very good and safe way for a puppy to travel. I have bought puppies from Europe, they've always arrived safe and sound. If interested in one of our pups please feel free to contact me, Leah, at (530)840-6315 or by email
Cody from Dusty and Pearl's first litter playing in the snow