International Ch., Dutch Champion, German Champion, VDH-Champion, Europa Jugendsieger 2001, German Junior Champion Berlin Sieger 2002 Bundessieger 2006, 13 CAC's, 6 CACIB's, 8 Res. CAC/IB's, 3 CAC's, 9 BOB, Junior 1 BOS, 1 BIG-3, 2 BIG-2 , 2 BIG and 1 BIS-5, (England) DTS. & VDH CHHD- BVA 3:3, ED - 0-0, Eyes-clear
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Champion of Slovakia, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, BOG, 11 x CAC, 5 x R.CAC,
HD AA ED 0/0 PRA/CAT neg.
Hip score 3:5
Elbows 0-0
  1. Derby For Ural Evidog
THE CH. OF RUSSIA, THE YOUNG CH. OF RUSSIA, CH. RKF, 2 x CACIB, 2 x R. CACIB, 2 x CH. NKP, Young CH. NKP, CH. OF NATIONAL CLUB! THE YOUNG CH. OF NATIONAL CLUB, KCHK, Jun. KCHK, BIG, BIG1, 2 x BIG 2, BIS 3, 7 x ?OB, 8 x ???, 3 x BIS, 8x CW, 4 x BIS Puppy, 4 x the Best Junior, 3 x Best Puppy, 4 x JCAC, 2 x LK, PK,
FCI Hip Rating HD A (Excellent)
FCI Elbow Rating ED 0 (Excellent)
(Czech) Reserve CACIB, OVVR I. Price, 5 x CAJC, 3 x r.CAC, 3 x CAC,
International Ch., TOP WINNING DOG 2004 !!! Czech Champion, Slovak Champion runner up: Polish Champion, Hungarian Champion, 12xCAC, 3x res. CAC, 2x CACIB, res. CACIB, 3x BOB, Club Winner 2004, BIG, BIG II. Work - OVVR 1st prize, Field Trials 1st prize, res. CACT
INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION TOP WINNING BITCH 2002, 2x Qualified for Cruft´s, 2006 Czech Junior Champion Slovak Junior Champion Czech Champion, Slovak Champion, Polish Champion, Austrian Champion, Hungarian Champion, Int. CH, Multi CH
Intl. Champ., Jr. and Sr. Champ. of Russia, Grande Champ. of Ukraine, Champ. of Ukraine, Champ. of Moldova, Champ. of Kaz.,
2 x CACIB, 20 x CAC, 5 x BOB
Hip Rating HD A
Int. CH. Monogrefica Retrievers France'04 BIS Young International, Multi BIS Puppy, Oviedo 2004, CAC VIC 2005, EXC 2? Op. Cl. Campeonato De Francia Nantes'04, EXC 2?
Jr. & Sr. Champion of Russia,
Russian National Club Champion,
Champion and Grand Champion of RKF
Hip Rating HD B, Elbow Rating ED 0
CH. Tramin Waiting For You
CH. Erdoskerti Zoska
CH. Xanthos Apple Jack
CH. Karvin Xtra Friendly
CH. Excellent Magik is Friendly
CH Karvin Kind Of Magic
CH. Free Spirit De Ducado De Espinosa
CH.Koriander v.d. Beerse Hoeve
Molly v.d. Beerse Hoeve
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CH Brave Benjie Z
Lesnych Ostepow
Champion of Hungary, 2xHPJ, k7xCAC, 3xHFGY, 2xR.CACIB, Young Winner, 2xR.BOG, Best in Show, 2xBOG, BIS, Jr.Res. BIS, BIS, Working trials (max point) ED free, PRA free, HD free
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